19 January 2012

Pew Results, Positive and Negative, Capitalism and Socialism by Demographic

These numbers, published by the Pew Research Center are a little disheartening.  Mostly because of the title they place on them of "Little Change...". 

I ask this:  Do we need a survey to know that old rich white people like capitalism and don't like socialism?  (Check the numbers people) 
I also ask this:  How many people that support the Tea Party movement have even a faint inkling of what socialism would look like (that isn't based upon American propaganda of the bleak government controlled East circa 1970)?

Numbers are fun, the work from the Pew here is a great example of that, if nothing else.

As an aside regarding my graphic for this post.  Anyone else annoyed by Lenin being included here?

Crossing Boundaries of Economic Commentary

Albeit for very different reasons:
Respected colleague, David Ruccio, and Harvard's answer to Hitler, Greg Mankiw have the exact same quote on their respective blogs this morning. 
View Ruccio's here
View Mankiw's here
What is this world coming to?

PS, I am not claiming that N. Gregory Mankiw is anti-Semitic.  The reference to Hitler is as one who knowingly indoctrinates his followers with false and dangerous information to serve his own purposes.