11 February 2015

A Thank You of Sorts... To Jon Stewart?

This link is time sensitive, sorry for that, but it essentially links to Jon Stewart saying he will be stepping down from the anchor desk of The Daily Show, in a few months.

Generally speaking I am very Luxembourgian in my reform vs revolution thinking, and capitalist apologizing liberals are not people I admire.  Stewart to my knowledge has never apologized for capitalism, and I honestly believe that leftist educators owe him a debt of gratitude. 

Many of my students over the years have got most, if not all of their national news from The Daily Show, and Jon Stewart (with his writing staff ) has never been kind to the absurdities (class based and otherwise) present in the American experience.  I honestly believe that many manifestations on the left, by academics or otherwise have been given more room to blossom by The Daily Show. 

For the cultural space fought for and often provided, in the minds of students, and in our society in general, a sincere thank you to Jon Stewart.  I prefer the world that you were a part of to one without you.  Best of Luck.

26 January 2015

Did I Read This Right?


Long term readers readers will know that I usually don't support mainstream economics by mentioning it in a non-critical light, and certainly not by linking to it.  This case is a little different.  A squinty eyed reading of the last four chapters of Krugman's Times piece this morning might actually be construed as calling for economic revolution in Greece.  A stretch maybe? 

The election of Alexis Tsipras of Syriza as Greek Prime Minister is a joyous sign, the winds are blowing back in our direction dear leftists.  Can we put aside our petty differences and focus on what makes us the same? In the United States the shattered left has a long way to go.  Can Greece lead the way?  Honestly I doubt it, a movement back to social democracy does not address underlying economic and class issues, and is certainly not a revolutionary economic shift, but it is certainly preferable in my mind to an austerity program.

Solidarity and Hope on a soon to be snow filled morning.