27 December 2008

for me...why Marxism?

Do we "imitate those who contradict just for the fun of it"?
The multiplicity of reasons for choosing Marxism contain for me, in a noticeable way, the desire to rile against a system that is hegemonic.

Parallel to this I feel a strong need to question my reasons for fighting a system that has wronged my far less than it has wronged so many others. A system that I could choose to employ to my benefit instead of fight against without breaking with my youth and upbringing.

Jealousy of a basic kind plays a minor role in my desire to destroy the capitalists, and certainly I have a Utopian dream like many other Marxists. Not to mention my ever growing belief that the masses really do have the ability to self govern if it becomes technically possible, but there is something deeper that feeds my desire to criticize that needs exploring.

The complexity of desire plays a role in choosing to be a Marxist and certainly in deciding if and when to expand that into being revoultionary in ones Marxism.

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