03 March 2009


In a world without god, or where science is god if you prefer (although the two concepts are vastly different), some argue that personal development becomes irrelevant. I would argue this concept is just plain wrong. Personal, and thus development of the totality is what we should and do live for.

My hope for eternal life lies in my dialectical interactions, shaping and being shaped by the totality. There is a considerable arrogance underlying this idea, however because this type of interaction is shared by all people I feel my arrogance is justified on this point. We are all shaping the future...it is our responsibility to try to shape it for the best (responsibility to who? or what?).

My hope for utopia lies with human technological advancement. Some "believers" may consider this a cold, and as one told me, "hopeless" way to go through life. It is not, it is more than enough. Look at the wonders around us.....that we all contribute to in some small way. God is not necessary to have a life worth living. Advancement has become central to so many. I am just starting to formalize it.

Hopefully the small void I feel in the part of my conscious that I recognize from my youth as my soul is just the unfulfillment of so much of my life's work, or a leftover of my Catholic roots, hopefully....

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