18 May 2009

formation of economic discouse in bourgeois society

It seems that discussion of the system itself does not often enter the daily economic discussion of most in our system. One of the primary goals of a (pre)revolutionary then has to be not only to fight against a system of bourgeois domination but to make consistent and repeated attempts to have the language of revolution become a part of mainstream discourse. Currently discussions of change in the economics profession, and in broader economic discussions are predominately limited to how to change the system we have.

It may be unrealistic to think that this type of discussion can immediately be changed to a broad public acceptance of the discourse of revolution. I would instead suggest that a possible first step would be to push for wider linguistic usage of concepts surrounding why we have the system we do, and how it came into place. In my own (ongoing) development acceptance and usage of this discourse lead naturally to questions of why can we not have a system that is better than capitalism.
History stands tall for the revolutionary.

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