01 June 2009

An ode to General Motors

On this day of bankruptcy (I believe the largest one ever?)

"Crisis of every kind-economic crisis most frequently...in their turn increase very considerably the tendency towards concentration and monopoly." From Lenin's Imperialism pamphlet.

Go Ford! A little more protectionism (ok a lot more) and the market is all yours. Of course now that the tax payers are about to assume control of GM perhaps the greater democracy....I can't even finish that ridiculous concept.

On another note:

"Some employee-owned companies have failed, however, because management, mindful of their employee owners, often gave in to wage demands.

For this reason, industry experts say, the Obama administration structured the G.M. and Chrysler plans to lessen the union’s voice in management. The retirees’ health fund has six public-appointed trustees and five union-appointed trustees. Though the union health trust owns 55 percent of Chrysler, it will hold just one seat on the Chrysler board. And at both automakers, the health fund’s shares will be nonvoting.

previous paragraph from NYTimes online

Workers of GM this should be your hour! The state of our union (the UAW) has become even more pathetically transparent than normal. There is no left in the UAW, do something you liberal pieces of excrement! Is this not a time for action? Please for the sake of the workers in the UAW, in America, in the World. Do not let this opportunity pass you by! This is worker ownership of the means of production (and government and private), but control is the logical step......I implore you, throw out the old owners, we make the cars, we should control the industry!

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