31 August 2009


So I have not posted in a while. The problem is not that I have been ignoring Marxism, but rather that I have been immersed in it. Studying for a comprehensive exam in Marxism while trapped in the bourgeois institution that is an American university. Sigh. I have found studying the two topics of imperialism and Marxist theories of the state interesting but not stimulating. It was not until returning to readings on epistemology and ontology that I have been compelled to think deeply again. Some of the most important theorists in this tradition (Gramsci, Althusser) have believed that a unique theory of knowledge is just as important to the revolution as acts carried out in the concrete-real. Who am I to disagree.
Contradictory to that last statement I don't have anything specific I want to write about at the moment, rather it is in examining contradiction as a concept that I perhaps have found my muse again? What will the next few days of stress and mental exhaustion bring? Often it is times of deep stress that bring great change. Viva la revolution.

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