09 October 2009

Nobel Peace Prize?

What the Fuck????
Nelson Mandela, Dr. King, Even Mother Teresa. I can see the justifications for them winning the Nobel peace prize. Barak Obama? the last time I saw anything about him in the news it was weighing the merits of sending 40 000 more soldiers to Afghanistan.

Is the state of the world so far gone that an American president who goes 12 months without starting a new war or doing anything to end the two wars his country is already in deserves a prize for peace?

A preemptive award is another argument that I heard. Barak Obama is attempting to enter a nuclear disarmament deal with Russia, he is attempting to end the war in Iraq, give him the prize and he will live up to it. Fuck that! George Bush signed more treaties than Obama has so far and Bush was pure evil. Obama's government has not done anything for ending the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Following this preemptive line of argument give me the Nobel Prize for chemistry....it might motivate me to discover the cure for cancer.

My problem is not that this makes the Nobel peace prize look bad, the committee has done that for themselves. The problem is this cheapens all the previous winners including my buddy the 14th Dali Lama.

The Nobel piece prize has today entered into the realm of "American democracy", it is now nothing more than a sad joke that fools the ignorant!

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Harry said...

I agree with you. This decision casts a shadow over Winston Churchill and his 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature.