31 January 2010

Postmodern Bacon

So here is the deal: In the midst of a bacon related conversation last night, discussing everything from delicious factors to environmental damage of meat consumption, my commitment to overdetermination was called into question. So I admit that I question overdetermination as an epistemology at times, but I hate to lose an argument. This is the result of that discussion.

Some would say this has nothing to do with Marxism, in a commitment to the epistomology I have to disagree and say the following has everything to do with Marxism.

The only two foods (groups) in the world that putting two slices of hot bacon on top of does not enhance:
1. Cold, sweet, breakfast cereal, ie. "Lucky Charms"
2. Desserts, epitomized by ice cream, bananas foster, things of that nature.
That is all.

1 comment:

J. Dennis said...

Did the recent Supreme Court decision reinforce your belief in overdetermination? Interestingly enough that was the first thing that came to my mind when I read about it.

Also, they have bacon vodka so I'm sure that bacon desserts are out there too.