10 February 2012

Marginal Jackass

Just when I was beginning to think Tyler Cowen actually believed  Marginal Revolution's  tag line "small steps toward a much better world" we get this:

Is being a self promoting, arrogant, shit head part of blogging? 
Is it part of making a better world?  
I certainly enjoy self-promotion and being a shit head with this forum, so I hope so.  I doubt it, but I hope so. 

Is encouraging people to read another (same as all the others, methodologically dishonest, ideologically elitist, in support of dishonest hegemonic bourgeois ideals, etc.) neoclassical economics textbook, just because you are the author a "Small Step Towards A Much Better World"? 

It probably is for the shareholders of the publishing company. 

I expect this kind of arrogance and idiocy on the blog of N. Gregory Mankiw but not Tyler Cowen.  Generally speaking Marginal Revolution is worth reading, even for those of us who completely disagree with most of what is written there.  As opposed to Mankiw's blog which is usually just condescending nonsense.
Perhaps it is time for my colleagues at Anti-Mankiw to start becoming counter-margianl-revolutionary as well.  
A preemptive response to some of the comments this post will likely receive:
Yes I am tired on a Friday night and a little grumpy, Yes I am jealous of both Cowen and Mankiw's success, and yes I am angry that their success allows them to indoctrinate far more students than those of us who are "honest" about economics.  Perhaps I am wrong, and these servants of the bourgeois elite are good people, and have good intentions. 
... is there room for good intentions in rational self interest?  

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