17 May 2012

Some Self Promotion (Teaching a Summer Course) , and the End of my Blogging Hiatus

Grades are in at UMass (still working on the last week of classes at John Jay), and my other new job (not related to academics) has settled down.  The hope is that I will be returning to regular posting starting today.

On that note...

I am teaching two online courses this summer.

At UMass
Economics 305: Marxian Economics.  This is the Marxian course developed by the man, the legend, Steven Resnick.  It still features video lectures by Steve. 
The course runs from June 5th to July 10th.  The course is offered through continuing education so it is open to non-UMass students (as well as UMass students).
Information can be found here:

At John Jay
Economics 170: Introduction to the Economics of Crime and Social Problems.  This course is designed by me, but is a hybrid of material used by Jay Hamilton and Geert Dhondt (as well as additions of my own). 
The course starts with an introduction to general economics and then moves to topics such as drugs, prostitution and white collar crime. 
The summer session at John Jay starts on May 29th.
More information about this course can be found here:

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