25 January 2012

Obama's Change.....

....Or lack there of. 
Really hasn't come as a surprise to me.  Barack Obama's presidency, if nothing else, should be remembered as the one where we learned that the "most powerful man in the world" has no real power at all, at least when it comes to any type of systemic change within the collection of political processes. 

Following from this I would suggest the following.   Cancel the entire 2012 election season.  The spectacle currently going on in the republican primary (I really don't care about a giant headed jackass and his collection of ex-wives) is just the tip of the ice burg.

Instead put the name of every voting age healthy American in a giant hat, and just have some random sports figure or celebrity draw the name of the next president.  It would save a lot of annoyance and money, the downside is only for the news networks, and nothing is going to change anyway. 

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