27 January 2012

Some Loosely Applied Logic to Taxation and Unemployment

Earlier today I can across an interesting counter factual argument.

I am slipping completely into the realm of modern epistemology for this post.

There is a clear correlation between having yellow nicotine stained fingers and getting lung cancer.  The counter factual would be a correlation between having clean appearing hands and not getting lung cancer.  This is fairly silly, as any classy smoker washes their hands regularly and thoroughly.

Many politically conservative Americans who have a public forum claim correlation between businesses paying taxes and unemployment.  Lower taxes means more money to hire workers right?
I propose that the counter factual argument works the same in this case. There is no correlation between lowering taxes to businesses and a decrease in unemployment in the current climate of financial paralysis.

Prove me wrong econometricians, oh that's right, you can't prove anything, only appeal to a relative standard of "truth".

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