11 February 2013

The 3D Printer Revisited

The link below which connects to a paper by Yannick Rumpala of le Université de Nice was shared by an anonymous commenter on my recent post about the potentially economically destabilizing forces of 3D printing technology. 

Although I have a couple of methodological issues with the author's approach (especially around cause and effect in the sphere of political processes), the paper provides a solid background of what is at stake with 3D printing, as well much more detail on the technology itself than I feel is pertinent to share in the "quick-hit" realm of the blogisphere.

My original post has drawn enough interest that I would imagine there are many people out there who would like to know more about this topic.  As such, I recommend reading this to anyone who wants to dig deeper into this issue.  I especially would like to draw attention to the arguments around growing industrial autonomy in the modern economy as I feel this is potentially the greatest area of impact?

Thank you to the original commenter for sharing!

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