11 February 2013

Welcome Back Boys!

Spring Training STARTED today!   No more pretending to care about football for a few months.  Praise be to whomever you send your prayers in the direction of.  

The only small down note on this otherwise great day:

A public thank you, and fond farewell (regarding the show only of course) to the hosts, and in general  ESPN's "Baseball Today" podcast. It is now "off the air".  It has been replaced by a podcast version of "Baseball Tonight" with Buster Olney.  I will miss Eric, Mark and especially the "snark" of Keith Law. 

For better or worse these gentlemen have been a major part of my daily life for quite awhile.  The "nerdish" commentary and statistical analysis will be missed.  There is always Fan Graphs, but still.....Thank you for hours of mediocre entertainment, I will miss the show!

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